Take Your Time

How can this possibly be accomplished in today’s jam packed life, especially if there are children in the house? Let’s be clear : this is not the Sex that “just happens” early in the morning or late at night.

No. We are talking about a deliberate and well planned Event that will take some effort. A Play Group or a weekend at the Grandparents or many other ingenious ways to get some Private Time is one option. However, finding a way to incorporate this into your regular routine is what this is really all about.

First you must examine your Life Routine and map it out. What is your Goal? Weekly seems to be the most comfortable cycle for a special effort event that can be woven into the normal pattern. It must be a joint effort each couple makes to integrate Private Time into their own Rhythms and Cycles for it to become successful.

Setting the Stage: A Serene and Quiet Retreat. A comfortable Play area. Candles with enticing scents. Seductive Music. Refreshments. Objects of Intimacy and the Freedom to explore, reacquaint, connect and enjoy sensual pleasure.

Sensual Silver. Designed for Mature and Loving Adults.

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