Human Touch

For us, it is very sad to watch the current trend occurring in the world of “personal accessories”, which is more and more products designed for Individual use, not for the mutual enjoyment by a Couple. You can take these products with you and pleasure yourself at whim. Mechanically. Let’s let that sink in for … More Human Touch

Take Your Time

How can this possibly be accomplished in today’s jam packed life, especially if there are children in the house? Let’s be clear : this is not the Sex that “just happens” early in the morning or late at night. No. We are talking about a deliberate and well planned Event that will take some effort. … More Take Your Time

Updating Website

We have entered the long path to updating our Sensual Silver Website. We are moving it to a new Host, as well as simplifying the organization of our offerings. We are looking to expand our Audience and Social Presence in several ways, including having a regular Blog Posting schedule. The Posts will be showcased on … More Updating Website

Why Silver?

WHY SILVER? Facts About Silver Sensual Silver has compiled the following facts from several authoritative sources to help you understand the use in our jewelry. Everybody knows that Silver has been used as body adornment and decoration since humans began making jewelry. But, it has many unique physical properties that make it even more appealing … More Why Silver?