About Us

Zia began creating jewelry as a Fine Arts Major in Southern California before moving
back to her Home State of Texas, where she continued her Fine Arts curriculum. Her love affair with jewelry has stayed with her and been her “Base of Reality” throughout Life’s Trials and Tribulations. While the jewelry took a back-burner status with young children and other family responsibilities, it was ever-present in her life.

She developed a distintive style of jewelry that was more sculpture than traditional jewelry. It was very organic in design even while being created with clean lines. Her Art Jewelry was better suited for Galleries than Jewelry stores and has been exhibited across the United States in Art Galleries and in Juried Exhibits.

After Zia and Oz married, marked differences were apparent from day one with no children in the house.  The relationship was new and exciting with new jewelry possibilities begining to take form. Oz’s artistic career began as a photographer but he could not resist the lure and magic of precious metals. One day, after showing Zia some nipple jewelry, which she deemed “sleazy, ugly and painful”, he challenged her as a jeweler to design something that she liked…….and that was the birth of Sensual Silver.

For the next two years, these exotic luxury Objects of Intimacy were kept private. Refinements of design and function were batted back and forth until each piece was perfected for the extreme pleasure of both parties. Some were playful, other were designed for more intense exploration of sensuality and sexuality. Slowly, the realiztion crept upon them that other couples like themselves were searching for high quality items to aid them in their own quests for greater intimacy and pleasure.

Working together in their home studio, they design and create all the jewelry on this website. The designs are a true collaboration with both Female/Male input until it “works” for both partners. A limited number of drawings and photographs are used on the website for obvious reasons. Should you desire in-depth photographs along with a full explanation of their use, please use the Contact Form below to open a conversation.

All Objects of Intimacy and Jewelry are presented in the same spirit in which they were created and made. All pieces have been thoroughly tested, reviewed and approved by our Doctors. These unique designs, created by and for Zia & Oz, along with a few Special Requests from friends, are all protected under US Design & Copyright Laws.