Objects of Intimacy

Developed originally for Personal Use, these Objects have evolved into refined, sophisticated and functional pieces. Created for what we call “Gourmet Sex”, these are not for Quickies, but for extended Playtime.


Rabbit Tickler w/Sterling Silver Handle

Genuine Rabbit Fur Tickler wrapped with a Red Leather strip to hold it tightly wound for the softest and silkiest massage. Features a Sterling Silver Handle which is removable for Fingertip Massages. Sterling Silver is a natural Micro-biocide which destroys bacteria, germs and virus on contact and is inert when inserted into the Human Body. Wash with a liquid soap after use and dry completely before storage.


Champagne Keeper Wand

A Sensual Silver Original Design made of solid Sterling Silver cast from a wax mold. Our Wand was inspired by the age old practice of putting a Sterling Spoon stem into an open bottle of Champagne to keep the effervescence of the Champagne fresh. Using our Open Heart as the Handle, we added two Silver Bulbs along the stem. The end one goes through the openings of most Champagne brands, with the second one acting as a stopper. Of course, when not keeping Champagne fresh, the sensual possibilities are as broad as your imagination. We also discovered the Heart makes an excellent glass beer bottle opener......... Packaged in a "bracelet box", discretion is always observed.


Bud Vase Sconce

A Sensual Silver Original Design - Vintage with a Twist. Inspired by Bud Vases from the Turn of the 20th Century, Wall Bud Vases were quite common decor. With just a tiny tweak, we have a Bud Vase that can be cast from a mold you send us or one of our own*. The Vase itself has inside rim attachment bars so I strap may be used for Erotic Play. The Hanger that the Bud Vase hangs from is our made to order Heart Throb. You supply the flowers. Please note these are Custom Made and at least three months should be allowed for molds to be made, shipped and returned to us for casting.